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Business Center The Pyramid
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With us you only bring the pen

Flexible workspaces that can be adapted to customer needs
A Ready Workspace 

Our Office Spaces of various sizes are fully furnished in a modern and inspiring environment.

Do you need an office space? Or maybe even a laboratory? We can offer you the space that suits your needs with flexibility and that is customizable. 


Private offices

  • Fully equipped private offices

  • Offices including all services

  • customizable with division of spaces

  • For teams of all sizes



  • All our private offices are equipped with semi-executive or executive desks with ergonomic chairs

  • If you want to add your own furniture, no problem, you can customize it as you want 



  • You can customize the Space you choose as you see fit, our experts will be able to help and advise you


Our Solutions

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Book meeting rooms and coworking stations

If you want to make changes, don't worry we can help you

We have thought of all possible needs, for example the need for a single workstation or an open space or the need for a solution that is ready for daily use or available for longer periods of time.

Whatever the future holds for you, we can help. Need to expand, or add a warehouse? We are here to help you

time as you want
Meeting room
Coworking in a bright office

New space concepts, HYBRID WORKING.

Hybrid Working is the new concept of smart working, it allows companies and workers to choose where to work. a more economical, flexible and sustainable way  

With our solutions you can have a meeting room, a workstation in coworking spaces for the time you want

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via di caves portella 4/6 

00044, Frascati (RM)



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