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Who we are

The La Piramide Business Center was born in 2005 conceived with a modern design, born as a logistics center and then reconverted as a Business Center in 2007, the spaces have been developed in such a way that from the professional to the large company they can find what they need to their business.


Our Story

The La Piramide business center, trademark of DHI srl was born in the new industrial area of the city of Frascati in a strategic point just 5km from the city center and 5km from Rome, a few km from the A1 motorway exit and the Tor University pole Painted close to the Banca d'Italia district.

DHI SRL is a well-established company on the business center market with one of the largest structures in the Rome area, it is based on a flexible mentality  with a solid organization.

Our customers

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