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Our Meeting Rooms

We offer meeting rooms to meet a wide range of business needs. Find out more about the services we offer and see the different set-ups below, then request a quote for your needs.

Meeting rooms

Rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for  presentation, of various  sizes.


  • Internet with fiber

  • Digital whiteboard and projectors

  • Configuration based on your needs

Rooms from 2 to 100 people

Thanks to our range of room sizes, you can interview your candidates in a stylish and modern environment.


  • Book for the time you want

  • Reception

  • Rooms equipped for presentations


You can customize the Space you choose as you see fit, our experts will be able to help and advise you


  • Catering options on site

  • Refreshment area

  • stages and sound system 

What's included

We think of everything noi.

Our streetThe ture is fully equipped with quality furnishings and video conferencing equipment. Our reception will welcome your guests, while our support team will prepare your room and help you manage everything in the best possible way.


Flat screen TV, digital whiteboards and flipcharts


Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi


Configure according to your needs


Reception for welcoming guests


Full services

The services you need, when you need them.

By booking one of our meeting rooms, you will have access to a gafull service mma to manage your event effectively. Book them in advance and we'll make sure everything is available and ready to go for the scheduled date.


Technical and IT support

working space

Additional working space 


projector and other electronic equipment


Catering service


Pscheduling all your meetings with us is convenient.

Do you plan to have more meetings during the year, you can request the packages for the rooms you are interested in.

will be ablei take advantage of a discount depending on how many meetings you book.


Plans designed according to your needs

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